Lean Process Analysis to Guide Your Business Transformation


Located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, OP2MYZE is focused on conducting lean process analysis for businesses both internal to their organization to make it more effective and external to their organization on how their products and services can impact potential customers. OP2MYZE performs traditional lean analyses but our specialty is Operational Blueprinting™ using process models/simulations to gain a dynamic understanding of how an organization’s people, processes, resources, business practices and technology interact. Our Operational Blueprinting™ capability allows us to baseline current operations, identify areas in need of improvement and allows us to predict the impact of changes within the organization.

What motivates OP2MYZE?

At OP2MYZE, we are at our best when we take ownership and have deep conviction about solving a problem for a customer.  We work with our customers, in a servant leader role, to solve problems by determining cause & effect, mitigating risk and finding an optimal path to help their business transformation succeed.

Why work with OP2MYZE?

OP2MYZE uses a dynamic business process modeling technique to develop an Operational Blueprint™. The Operational Blueprint™ allows you to ensure that your organization’s people, processes, resources and technology come together and are as effective as possible as a result of your transformation effort.

Operational Blueprints™ allow you to:

  • Strategize on where/how you should invest for your transformation effort
  • Optimize your organization’s effectiveness or efficiency
  • Determine the monetization and potential transformation ROI prior to implementing change

What benefits does OP2MYZE provide?

  • Up front analysis & optimization that supports Management of Change/Transformation planning and execution
  • Thorough understanding of the interaction of people, processes, resources and technology
  • Very cost effective with an ROI of 15-25% being common and sometimes reaching over 1000%!
  • Risk mitigation that supports a rapid analysis of alternatives
  • Saves time, money and avoids trial & error experimentation

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Nils LaVine


Nils LaVine is the President/Founder of OP2MYZE and has been involved in process analysis for the last 25 years. Much of his experience is in the areas of manufacturing, healthcare delivery and industrial operations.