Optimize Results!

Who is OP2MYZE?

OP2MYZE (pronounced optimize) is a veteran owned, Lean Process Improvement small business that delivers lean process and change management analyses involving people, processes, resources and technology to enable you to position your organization for further success.

OP2MYZE has over 25 years of experience in providing quantitative & predictive analysis in business transformation environments.

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OP2MYZE uses a dynamic business process modeling technique to develop an Operational Blueprint™. The Operational Blueprint™ allows you to ensure that your organization’s people, processes, resources and technology come together and are as effective as possible as a result of your transformation effort.

Our Operational Blueprints™ allow you to:

  • Strategize on where/how you should invest for your transformation effort
  • Optimize your organization’s effectiveness or efficiency
  • Determine the monetization and potential transformation ROI prior to implementing change

ROI of 15-25% are common with some reaching over 1000%!

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